Monday, February 23, 2009

Big girls stay up late.

Well, whats new??

Ive been talking to this guy, so cute. CUTE! Like I said before, I rate guys on a whole list full of things. He can hold a conversation, he likes a lot of the same things I do, and I dont feel like Im trying to be interested. I just am. I previously worked with him, and I didnt really know him that well.

So, randomly on myspace i wrote a status that said something about me running away. He messaged me and said, hey it was nice knowing you. From there, we messaged back and forth. Eventually numbers were swapped. Then we texted, and eventually hung out.

I met his friends. Real nice guys. It was his friends birthday, and so we did whatever he wanted to do, so let me tell you how the night started.
He came and picked me up, we drove to his friends house to meet up with the birthday boy. The birthday boy had to go and pick up his friends all the way across town. So, we ended up driving all the way across town. Not exactly my kind of fun, but it was a nice time to talk. Then we finally get to this girls house, and we pick up these 4 girls. Birthday boy didnt know what he wanted to do, so we decide to drive to the complete other side of the world to go bowling. Of course, I talk a lot of shit about how Im going to beast at bowling. When I get there....I SUCK. It was the worst game of bowling Ive ever played. At this point Im thanking my big mouth. When bowling was over, we stop at In n Out. My least favorite place, but I compromised. Then everyone was getting tired, and we decide to take people home and go back to his house.
I know what youre thinking, but I dont put out on the first date, we actually had a bet that I could beat him in Guitar Hero. There goes my big mouth again. Only this time, I wasnt beaten so badly. I held my own, he was just a little bit better. Then we ended up staying up until about 7am. I made fun of his itunes library, I showed him some funny videos on youtube and he made fun of my hair. It was a really fun time. Especially when you could tell we were tired, because we started getting really stupid and sloppy. We ended up falling asleep together on his couch and he took me home in the morning. He was a gentleman, and I was shocked.

I have good feelings about this one. :]

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The blog that bashed the starving artist.

My life has had its up and downs recently. I forgot to write about it, so let me catch you up.
I was "dating" (if you could even call it that) this guy. He seemed cool enough to keep me interested, but he was very pushy. Not in an abusive way, but in an i wanna take this to the next level in the matter of a week pushy. So, I let him know, that I don't know what I want us to be, but there was certainly no rush for any level ups. (I thought that was pretty clever) Anyone was probably wondering why I wouldn't give this guy a chance, right? I mean, hes cute, plays guitar in a band, hes tall, and hes artistic. sigh. Except, in reality, that's all he was. He was only cute, and believe me when I judge someone on a scale of 1 -10 it is not solely off of looks alone. I like a personality in a guy, that's a deal breaker for me. He does however play guitar and I love a good guitar player, but that wasn't going to keep me interested for too long. He was taller than me, which isn't unusual, but it didn't hold any real significance either way. however, he does play the role of a starving artist, something Ive always wanted to be.(without the whole starving thing, transparent skin and ribs you can count from 5 feet away is not attractive.)
BUT, just because I wanted to be a starving artist, it didn't mean I wanted to date one. He never worked, and when he did he didn't work very much. He still lives at home, which is OK by me, but he was very messy. Clothes everywhere, food left on plates that were more than a week old. His family was really sweet, but also kind of weird. They were like the Beverly Hills Hillbillies. Thinking that just gave me chills...yuck. He did have a car, a nice one at that. So I should give him some credit. However, he always wore sweats, he never put real clothes on, and i think he rarely washed his hair. Looking back on this now, I know exactly why I didn't want to level up. I didn't even want to play the damn game anymore.
Another big turn off, since now this has officially became the blog that bashed the starving artist...He always wanted to kiss me. I love a good kiss now and then, and I'm completely OK with PDA. Except, he wanted my lips to be connected to his lips forever it seemed. Oh ya, i totally forgot to mention...he was also in acting, modeling, whatever. So whenever he kissed me I felt like it was a kiss out of a movie and we were no where near nominated for "best kiss". He would move his head in little motions as if he was trying to break my face open. Most of the time, i would peck him, and then walk away. I wanted no part in that. I never told him those things, the only hint I ever gave him was whenever he ask, "Can I have a kiss?". I would say, "No." Then turn and walk away.

Oh, how I surely pick the winners. But to get to the even better part. V-day was just here, and he was my valentine. HE WAS A HORRIBLE VALENTINE. I bought him a card because I thought that I should do that, since he told me he was giving me one. I showed up to his house for him to tell me, "Sorry, but we're just going to kick it here, if that's OK with you." Of course at this part I was thinking. what the fuck, its valentines day. i wanted to go out and do something fun. All that came out of my mouth was, "Sure." Then i get into the house I give him his card and he says, "That's sweet, except I ran out of money, so I didn't get you yours." WOW, what a complete douche bag, what did you spend it on??? My reply was, "its OK, its just a card anyway." Now, come to find out 2 days ago, he started talking to his ex girlfriend again. Apparently shes "the girl she used to be" instead of the horrible excuse of a girl he always made her up to be. Honestly, I thank the girl. She did me a favor. 1. I didn't want to have to break his poor little artistic soul, since I was clearly heading in that direction. I also don't like to break things i never really wanted in the first place. I'm not in the business of breaking hearts, unless of course its my own. 2. Shes now occupying his time, so that I don't have to. Which makes this even easier for me. Thank goodness. The first time I'm officially off the hook without damaging anything or one in the process.

Maybe next time Ill talk about "Mr. Personality."
He just so happens to be my favorite. :]

Monday, February 16, 2009

Insomnia 101

I love sleep, I love to dream. Yet, it seems for the past couple of nights I just cant seem to stay asleep.
Let me take you back a couple of days ago.
Sleepless Night numero uno: I was having a dream (one i cant remember, sucky) and my dream was pretty vivid, but it woke me up, and as soon as i would turn over and lay my head down i would fall right back asleep, except i was put right back into another dream. Then, this did the same thing. I would dream, then it would wake me up. It was like the back of a shampoo bottle. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I hated it.
Sleepless Night numero dos: This time, i remember my dream. So, there i was sitting on the hood of my car, my friends were around and we were just hanging out in a parking lot. The next thing you know im looking up at the sky and i see a ton of army helicopters. Except the helicopters were throwing these big crates with red parachutes out. I was watching them fall. I remember saying "wow, look how cool those things are" and then we realized these boxes were falling in this parking lot, on all theses cars. MY CAR was in this parking lot. So as soon as i realize that one of those crates is perfectly falling directly on my car im in panic mode. I start screaming for my friends to get off my car and as soon as i reach it, the box smashes it. I wake up. Damn box. Then i turn over, put my head on the pillow and IM BACK. So, at this point in the dream, im pissed. thats my car, completely totaled. A humvee pulls up and a lady steps out and says " excuse us guys, we need to get that box, its government property." I look at her in awe, and say "Well that car is my property and your box just smashed it." She didnt really care at first, and said, "Thats not my problem Sweetheart." Then I ran up to her and said, "come on, youve gotta help me somehow" and then shes telling me to follow her, and i wake up.
Sleepless night numero tres: This time i didnt dream at all. I was just constantly waking up. I would fall asleep and as soon as i woke up i felt like i never got an ounce of sleep. This happened a total of at least 4 times.

Ive noticed that when ive got something bothering me (even if i dont know what it is) my sleep is interrupted. I hate that, because then i wanna know whats bothering me or deal with it until i can sleep again.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I remember the first time i posted a blog..

So, blog number one.

Heres a great start to knowing everything about me. I figure everyone likes talking about themselves, what a great place to start.

I am never going to reveal who I really am, that would take the fun out of everything. But that doesnt mean Im not going to tell the truth. Honesty is the best policy in my book. I do however want to explain the name, Sarcastic Sweetheart. It was given to me by a friend. He said that my sarcasm is sometimes so overwhelming that if I wasnt such a sweetheart at the same time, I wouldnt make it anywhere. I took this as a big compliment. This also goes a long with what a different friend told me. He said "You're kinda like a sour patch, first you're sour than you're sweet". I have to admit, I loved that. I couldn't agree more.

Lets get into another perfect reason why I'm doing the whole blogger thing. (Other than the fact that i think my life is so awesome, so awesome that i feel the need to share it with millions.) I have realized that when things are bothering you, its really hard to talk to people about it. Well, at least people you know personally and see on an everyday basis. Amongst the people we see everyday are some of our worst critics. I can only imagine sitting in a room with all these people staring at me as i try to explain my situation in a way that they will understand. Instead of whole-hearted advice, you'd be served a silver platter of judgement. Who needs anymore judgement? Like we dont judge ourselves enough already. Now, that ive completely taken you off of topic, let me steer us back to the reason im doing this. I want to help people. I want to give people advice. I wish that when i had something to say, or when I just wanted to talk, that i had someone to ramble on forever to. Even if i didnt know that person. Just to simply get it off my chest.

So here I am, your personal ask abby.
Except without the cute little name.
However, SS works.

Hopefully this will get started and i can actually make a difference.
I just need you to ask.

P.S. Feel free to ask me questions about myself too.
Ive got nothing to hide.