Monday, February 16, 2009

Insomnia 101

I love sleep, I love to dream. Yet, it seems for the past couple of nights I just cant seem to stay asleep.
Let me take you back a couple of days ago.
Sleepless Night numero uno: I was having a dream (one i cant remember, sucky) and my dream was pretty vivid, but it woke me up, and as soon as i would turn over and lay my head down i would fall right back asleep, except i was put right back into another dream. Then, this did the same thing. I would dream, then it would wake me up. It was like the back of a shampoo bottle. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I hated it.
Sleepless Night numero dos: This time, i remember my dream. So, there i was sitting on the hood of my car, my friends were around and we were just hanging out in a parking lot. The next thing you know im looking up at the sky and i see a ton of army helicopters. Except the helicopters were throwing these big crates with red parachutes out. I was watching them fall. I remember saying "wow, look how cool those things are" and then we realized these boxes were falling in this parking lot, on all theses cars. MY CAR was in this parking lot. So as soon as i realize that one of those crates is perfectly falling directly on my car im in panic mode. I start screaming for my friends to get off my car and as soon as i reach it, the box smashes it. I wake up. Damn box. Then i turn over, put my head on the pillow and IM BACK. So, at this point in the dream, im pissed. thats my car, completely totaled. A humvee pulls up and a lady steps out and says " excuse us guys, we need to get that box, its government property." I look at her in awe, and say "Well that car is my property and your box just smashed it." She didnt really care at first, and said, "Thats not my problem Sweetheart." Then I ran up to her and said, "come on, youve gotta help me somehow" and then shes telling me to follow her, and i wake up.
Sleepless night numero tres: This time i didnt dream at all. I was just constantly waking up. I would fall asleep and as soon as i woke up i felt like i never got an ounce of sleep. This happened a total of at least 4 times.

Ive noticed that when ive got something bothering me (even if i dont know what it is) my sleep is interrupted. I hate that, because then i wanna know whats bothering me or deal with it until i can sleep again.

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